Consort Display Group


Design, Web Development, Content Management, Art Direction, E-commerce Deployment, Photography, 3D Rendering, WordPress/Site Management Training


This project can only be described as a major overhaul to The existing 8 product lines all had different websites with conflicting information and design. The task was to take all eight unique product lines and combine them into one Consort Display Group website for a more cohesive site and increase usability. A global navigation allows users to access any and all product information from each page without leaving

Other features include a unified document library, online catalog of “ready-to-print” banner designs, and e-commerce store with over 10,000 product variations.

The images below show the before and after screenshots along with 8 new unique, cohesive homepages for the product lines.

Full website is available at

Disclaimer (I no longer maintain this site, so I can’t be held accountable for any issues)